Let Your Representative Know You Support Sec. Salazar's New Wild Lands Policy

Happy New Year from all of us at the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.  Thank you for your strong support in 2010.  Now let’s get to work in 2011!

2010 ended on a bright note with Secretary Salazar’s new wilderness guidance that could give needed protection to 6 million acres of Utah’s redrock wilderness.  Thanks to all of you, this action reverses the Bush administration’s ”No More Wilderness” policy, which left these lands vulnerable to off-road vehicle damage and inappropriate energy development.

Only with your activism and support can we seize this opportunity to secure these lands the protection they deserve.  Wilderness opponents are already promising to block this policy: the oil and gas industry and off-road vehicle advocates are fuming, and politicians like Utah Senator Orrin Hatch are declaring they’ll do everything possible to stop us.

To blunt this opposition, newly minted House Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Ed Markey (D-MA) is already circulating a letter to members of Congress asking them to thank Interior Secretary Ken Salazar for the new policy.  Please take a moment now to ask your representative to sign Mr. Markey’s letter!  This type of action will encourage the Obama administration to continue issuing conservation-oriented policies for public lands by demonstrating broad popular support.

If you live in Utah, click here to ask your members of Congress to support Salazar's new wild lands policy.


Scott GroeneScott Groene
Executive Director



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