Wilderness Protection for Utah's San Juan-Canyonlands Region?

It’s an exciting time for friends of redrock country!

The San Juan-Canyonlands region of southeastern Utah contains some of the most iconic landscapes of the American West, including the ancient ruins of Cedar Mesa, the serpentine San Juan River, and the maze of canyons that comprise White Canyon in the citizen-proposed Glen Canyon Wilderness.  All told, 1.3 million acres in this region are citizen-proposed wilderness in America's Red Rock Wildernss Act.

White Canyon
White Canyon, © Ray Bloxham/SUWA

Utah’s Sen. Bob Bennett recognizes the value of protecting these magnificent wild lands and has written to the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and other stakeholders asking for input so we can work together to craft a wilderness bill for the area.  This is an exciting opportunity to achieve lasting protection for some of Utah’s most significant wild lands.

With our partners in the Utah Wilderness Coalition we are recommending ways to approach the complex landscape of the San Juan-Canyonlands region – looking at region-wide landscape and ecosystem protection, rather than focusing on disconnected individual units.  We are encouraging Sen. Bennett to engage in this landscape-based regional approach by taking field trips, meeting with constituents, and taking the time to discuss conflicts and ways to resolve them.  We want to make certain that we use this real opportunity to resolve wilderness issues in the region and that we do it right.

However, the current proposed time period for input is extremely short.  So, to help ensure a transparent and inclusive process, we are asking you to write your members of Congress today to ask that the San Juan-Canyonlands wilderness gets the care and consideration it deserves.  It took thousands of years to shape these vistas, and we must be certain protection for them is as carefully crafted.

Please contact your members of Congress today and ask that they monitor the process to help Sen. Bennett produce a bill for San Juan County that offers meaningful protections for Utah’s redrock wilderness.  If you live in Utah, please send a personalized message to Senator Bennett.

Thank you!


Deeda Seed
Grassroots Outreach Director

PS: Please give me a call at 801-428-3971 if you have any questions.


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