Utah Wilderness Bill Earns Record Levels of Support


Friday, August 7, 2009

Contact: Richard Peterson-Cremer, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, 202-266-0471

As Members of Congress take leave from the frenzied pace of Washington, D.C. for the August recess, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) notes that despite the colossal tasks facing Congress this year, America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act (H.R. 1925/S.799), in its 20th year, has gained record levels of support.  With the addition of Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) to an ever-growing list of cosponsors, the bill broke its previous Senate high mark in the 110th Congress.  There are now 21 Senate cosponsors of America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act in addition to its original sponsor, Sen. Dick Durbin.

Also of note is the round support that the legislation enjoys from newly elected Senators.  This list of notables includes Sens. Mark Udall (CO), Jeff Merkley (OR), Ted Kaufman (DE), Roland Burris (IL) and Kirsten Gillibrand (NY).

As this number and the amount of national support for red rock wilderness grows, SUWA hopes to see action from Congress and the Obama administration to achieve the vision of America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act.  Opportunities abound through the movement of the Red Rock Bill in the House and Senate Natural Resources Committees and by protection established administratively by the Department of Interior.  The Bureau of Land Management’s own most recent wilderness inventories by and large support the designations in America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act.

“We are grateful to our sponsors Senator Durbin and Representative Hinchey and the long term support of so many Members of Congress, such as Colorado Senator Mark Udall who recently moved from the House to the Senate, where he has continued his dedication to the land he knows so intimately,”  said Richard Peterson-Cremer, SUWA’s Legislative Director.  “Looking into the remainder of the 111th Congress, we look forward to our many opportunities to protect the treasured landscapes of Utah’s canyon country and basin and range regions.”

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