Vision Dixie Unveils Growth Scenarios
Southwest Utah Needs Your Help Once Again!

Joshua Tree screensaver imageThe Vision Dixie Steering Committee has unveiled four long-term growth scenarios for Washington County—essentially four “snapshots” of how the county could look in 2035 based on the ideas generated at the fall Vision Dixie workshops. The scenarios reflect alternative but plausible patterns of future land use and transportation systems.

For example, for each scenario, the analysis will reveal how much land would be consumed to accommodate growth, what open space would be left, what transportation and infrastructure investments would be necessary, the impact on water resources, the range of housing choices, and more. With this information as background, residents will then help choose those strategies that will best preserve Washington County’s high quality of life for coming generations.  Public feedback will help form the “preferred vision,” a series of growth principles that can serve as a long-term guide for future development decisions in the county.

Please go online to and learn more about the Vision Dixie Scenarios, then take the Vision Dixie Scenario Questionaire and let the folks at Vision Dixie know what you want your community to look like in 30 years. The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance is supporting Scenario "D" which would create a model for compact development without the need for selling public lands.

Did you know?
Last fall, over 1,200 Washington County residents participated in 13 Vision Dixie workshops where they outlined their hopes for the county’s future. Vision Dixie is a year-long, county-wide conversation about growth sponsored by the Washington County Commission and directed by the Vision Dixie Steering Committee—a diverse and experienced group of Washington County residents concerned about their community. Vision Dixie emphasizes public involvement, accurate information, local control, private property rights, and voluntary, market-based implementation strategies so communities can guide their own future growth. Envision Utah, a private, non-profit, non-partisan organization, serves as the neutral facilitator of the Vision Dixie process. (Citizens for Dixie's Future,


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