For Immediate Release
January 27, 2006

Contact: Stephen Bloch, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, (801) 486-3161 x.3981

                  Conservationists and Advocates for Low Income Utahns Call on Questar to "Come Clean" on High Natural Gas Prices

Press Conference to Address Recent Questar Mailer that Cites “Misguided Environmental Opposition” as Cause for High Natural Gas Prices

Where:  Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance’s Salt Lake City Office
   425 East 100 South

When:  1:00 p.m. January 30, 2006

Who:  Stephen Bloch, SUWA Staff Attorney
   Glenn Bailey, Crossroads Urban Center Executive Director

What: Questar President and CEO Alan Allred recently sent a letter to every customer along with their monthly bill that laid out Questar’s case for the causes behind the recent spike and continued high price of natural gas.  Front and center in Questar’s letter is the claim that high natural gas prices are due to “misguided environmental opposition” that has resulted in “large amounts of natural gas” being placed “off limits to development.”

On the contrary, and as Mr. Allred must know, according to the Department of the Interior the overwhelming majority of recoverable natural gas resources on public lands in the inter-mountain west are open for leasing and development.  What’s more over the past five years in Utah alone, oil and gas companies have yet to act on thousands of already approved drill permits.  These facts and figures will be fully discussed at the press conference.

As has been widely reported, the high price of natural gas is having real impacts to low and middle income Utahns who are facing bills that are significantly higher than just last year.

We are calling on Questar Corporation a company that, according to its own investor reports and news releases, is enjoying record profits and 244 uninterrupted shareholder dividends to “come clean” on what’s really behind the high price of natural gas in Utah.




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